It does seem like game streaming is the newest bandwagon in town, and everybody who’s able is now launching their own version of game streaming services. Now included in that group is graphics and gadget manufacturer NVIDIA. They’re announcing the launch of a service called “GeForce NOW”, which will allow you to stream high quality gaming titles from the cloud to your NVIDIA SHIELD devices.

Ever wonder if there would come a time when you could stream a high-quality graphics-intensive game like “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” directly from the cloud in a matter of minutes? Well, NVIDIA seems to think that the technology for GeForce NOW is here and available. On the user’s side, you have the SHIELD devices – more specifically, the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console, which is probably the most powerful Android device out in the market today. There’s enough processing power there to run premium games. Then you need a robust internet connection, and commenters are saying that a 30Mbps connection – pretty cheap nowadays – will get you there. On the server side, NVIDIA has some supercomputing muscle on their servers to make sure very little lag and latency happens.


So GeForce NOW is now available for users at a membership cost of USD$7.99 a month. With that cost, NVIDIA promises to stream 1080p resolution games at 60fps, if you’re using the NVIDIA SHIELD consle on your big-screen TV. The service will go live on Oct. 1, which is just a few hours from now – in the US, Europe, and Japan, with around 50 titles available. If you sign up, NVIDIA is giving you the first 3 months absolutely free of charge.

For our European friends, the NVIDIA SHIELD console will also start being available in European markets – specifically in U.K., France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden – starting Oct. 1, so go and get ‘em. You’re getting the same robust specs at around USD$200 or the equivalent, which is a very good deal.



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