With a good number of great TV-centered devices launched recently, it looks like everybody will have to fight for their spot and market share on that niche. Amazon’s Fire TV has not been particularly a hit to begin with, and as NVIDIA rolls into the market with the SHIELD TV console and the Google Nexus Player gaining traction as both a TV and gaming console, Amazon is keen to show that it has something to offer – beginning with offering GameFly Streaming for the platform.

The game streaming service, which is confirmed to be already live on the Amazon Fire TV App Store, offers PC ports of console games. This means that to play, gamers on the Fire TV will need a compatible Xbox-style controller – which actually, the official Amazon Fire TV game controller fits the bill quite nicely. There is a launch library of 35 games, but users will have to subscribe to a series of game “packs” to access the games.


GameFly’s game packs begins at prices of USD$6.99 for a month, and you get to unlock unlimited play of as much as seven games in a genre. The “Lego” game pack includes seven Lego-branded games. There’s a “Speed” pack gives you access to old racing games, including GRID 2, Moto GP ’13, and Ridge Racer Unbounded.


If this is your thing, or if you own a Fire TV and realize you might as well be gaming on it, then this is a viable option. We’ve seen and heard of instances where the Fire TV had tremendous amounts of lag while gaming. Some people recommend that you transfer to an Ethernet cable connection to make gaming better.

SOURCE: Amazon