Today NVIDIA has just announced the new, a brand new website dedicated to mobile gaming on your favorite Tegra-powered superphones and tablets, and the companion site to the Tegra Zone Android app. Along with the official website launch NVIDIA has also updated the Tegra Zone Android app with new features and a brand new game called Sprinkle. See our full review of the new game here.

To get right into the action and explore the new website head over to and get started today. Another great option with the new site is potential game developers can tune into the Tegra Zone and submit their new games for consideration and more. Users will be able to browse all the amazing applications and games that make NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 powered Android devices just that much better.

Users and potential buyers will be able to browse some of the best and most advanced games for mobile devices all from the website. With tons of reviews, details, screenshots and the ability to share, +1, and retweet your favorite games to all their friends.

Conveniently NVIDIA has included reviews of all the popular games right on the site and what do you know, yours truly, Android Community is at the top of the list for more than a few of them. Check out all popular THD (Tegra HD) games such as Monster Madness, Riptide GP, Pinball THD and more because we have reviews of all of them.

Thanks for the shout out NVIDIA!

Don’t forget to sign up and head over to the community portal as they have incorporated forums for members to talk, brag about gaming scores, and keep up with all the latest NVIDIA Tegra 2 news. They are also giving away five Acer Iconia A500 Tab’s to a few lucky community members, but more details on that will be coming shortly.

Again head to to get started or go download the Tegra Zone Android App available in the Android Market.


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