If you’re looking for your next cute attack, check out this cool new game from Limbic, traditional purveyors of awesomely crafted games like Zombie Gunship and Tower Madness. This new game is an endless runner – or should we say, “endless tree climber” – called “Nuts!” which we think will be a sure hit with you and your family.

The search for the next great minute waster is always upon us, and after our tiff with the Timberman, Nuts! is a welcome cute addition to our game list. Users will control the speed and turns of a cute little squirrel called Jake. The speedy rodent can be controlled with smooth tilt controls, as users guide Jake up an infinitely tall tree.

As with games like this, you collect coins and power-ups along the way, making sure your lovable little character doesn’t run smack into a branch – three thwacks in the face and your cute critter has to restart his climb again in a new game. With power-ups and three tries, Nuts! can seem more forgiving than other endless games, but that is not to say that the speed of the game won’t challenge you.

This is, again, a very nicely-engineered and designed game that you can just pick up and play action without any hassle, and the cute 3D graphics make the game very easy on the eyes. The graphics in the game are well chosen, as they are adorable. The controls are fast and responsive. And the bonus? No annoying soundtrack song! Yey! Pick up the game for free at the source link.

SOURCE: Google Play Store