Some mobile users are very particular when it comes to their devices’ wallpapers. While there are a lot of pictures on your album or you can just search Google images to put something on your homescreen, there are apps out there that can give you better options. If you’re a Google fan, then nowPaper is a good app to have, and their latest update brings you better saving options and adds a new location.

If this is the first time you’ve encountered nowPaper, it is a wallpaper collection app with designs by Alex Pasquarella, that takes the Google Now backgrounds and turns it into landscape and city images that you would like to adorn your smartphone. It features well-known images from around North America, like the Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, San Diego, Toronto, etc. It works well with a plug-in from Muzei so that your wallpaper will change depending on the time of day. Each of the landscapes and cityscapes mentioned have versions for dawn, day, dusk, and night.

The latest update adds a new location: your smartphone can now look British with the London cityscape. It is now also easier to save the wallpapers you want to store on your device. You can now just long press the image to save it in all its 1080p glory. In terms of viewing the various images, it is now just available in CardView and they are even neatly animated as you browse through them.

The developers have also given a preview of what to expect in the next update, including the next location to be added (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and customizable Android Wear watchfaces for those who are already using Muzei. You can download nowPaper from the Google Play Store for only $0.99.

SOURCE: nowPaper