nowPaper, a wallpaper collection app, has announced the release of version 2.0, which now includes support for live wallpaper app Muzei, and a collection of new designs that have been inspired by the landscapes and cities from Google Now’s backgrounds. Your Android devices can now sport these amazing-looking designs on your home screen, and you can even set them to reflect the time of day.

The wallpapers were created by designer Alex Pasquarella and have been inspired by those lovely images you see when you open Google Now, featuring well-known landscapes and cityscapes from all around North America, like the Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, San Diego, Toronto and many more. Each place has four different papers, representing the different times of the day: dawn, day, dusk and night.

With the addition of a plug-in for Muzei, you’ll now be able to schedule the wallpapers to change depending on the time of day. You need to download both the Muzei and the nowPaper app so they will work together. To switch to the scheduled Google Now inspired wallpapers, you open muzei and then go to the customize menu. Choose the nowPaper extension and then go to the settings, where you can choose which location you want. You will be able to set the wallpapers at the following times: 6AM (dawn), 9AM (day), 6PM (dusk) and 9PM (night).

The designer is also allowing people to download the different design sets on his website. You can download Muzei for free on the Google Play Store, while nowPaper is available for just $0.99 there as well. Not a bad price to pay just to make your Android device look nicer four times a day.

SOURCE: Alex Pasquarella