Less than two weeks before Christmas and we’re sure that you’re too busy now with all the shopping, gift-wrapping, and parties. How do you keep up with all your tasks? It’s not enough that you have your calendar easily accessible. You need some other way to remind you of all the things you need to do, the events you need to go to, and the information you need to know.

On your Android mobile, Now on Tap has been improved with more features that will help the users especially during this busy holiday season. If you’re the type who does his or her gift shopping online, Now on Tap can display tracking the information of your items so you can be reminded. With all those stuff you ordered, you might forget that you bought something for someone. Tap and hold a confirmation email for a seconds on your inbox to show the information you need.

For those who are excited to meet someone, you can get the flight information with a simple tap. Just tap on a message to see the important details and flight status. No need to do another search because Now on Tap will show you the info you need to see. Support for more languages has been added as well for those who speak Korean, French, Italian, Russian, or German.

You can still keep up with the news and current events. Tap on a certain news then hold to see more links about a topic. As with the recent update for Google Now for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you’ll see the share icon so you can quickly share the information with your family and friends.


SOURCE: Inside Search