App icon badges are becoming a thing now, because we all want that little bit of extra information when we glance at our home screens. Icon badges are those small appendages to your app icon that usually show you how many notifications you have, and they usually appear as small red numbers. Nova Launcher is giving you a different take on this as it rolls out the new “Dynamic Badges” feature.

Kevin Barry, developer of Nova Launcher, says that numeric notification counts as badges most of the times lose their effectiveness because apps usually do their counts differently – like messages and/or conversations, for instance. Barry says that what if more than just seeing how many messages you have, you can tell from the badge sent those messages?

Barry says, “Instead of numbers we focused on images. Dynamic Counts pulls images from notifications to badge your apps. For example contact images from messaging apps, album art from music apps, app icons from the Play Store. This also greatly improves the utility of badges on folder icons, where it can show the app, or apps, with notifications instead of just a big numeric count.”

This feature will roll out to Nova Launcher Beta version 5.1-beta1. Check out the source link if you want to opt in to Nova Launcher’s beta program and see this new feature for yourself.

SOURCE: +KevinBarry