We didn’t know that fingerprint sensor gestures would become a thing, really. Because screen gestures are not enough? Really? But don’t mind us, we’re just here to tell you that one of the most requested features for Nexus 5X has apparently now arrived via Android 7.1.2 Nougat – that’s swiping down on the fingerprint sensor.

That’s right, if you’ve updated to Android 7.1.2, you will find this gem within the settings. You can toggle it so users of the Nexus 5X smartphone can now swipe down on their fingerprint sensors and it will bring down the notification shade. Apparently, this is easier for some people rather than swiping down on the screen itself.

We kid, of course, but we see the point of the gesture, especially if you’re used to having your finger ready on the fingerprint sensor anyways. You can go into Settings, and then Moves, to toggle this specific feature.

We don’t know if the people at Reddit were the ones to discover this first, but we’re going to link them as source for this just in case. Now if only the feature could trickle down to the Nexus 6P, then a lot more people will be happier. Do you like this feature? Let us know.

SOURCE: Reddit