Remember that revolutionary Adam tablet that launched early this year? The one that ran a customized Gingerbread interface over a Pixel Qi display, and changed the way we used technology forever? The one that was almost universally panned after months of delays failed to deliver a satisfactory tablet experience? Well, that tablet just got a little better: an intrepid modder has loaded up an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on the Notion Ink Adam, instantly making it about 200% more desirable.

The early build is of course unfinished, and it’s a long way from stable at this point. But given the ultra-geeky target market for the Adam, it shouldn’t be long before it’s more complete. Of course you’ll have to go without Notion Ink’s custom Eden interface. I’ll give you a moment to get the tears out. The Adam tablet uses a Tegra 1 SoC and a 1024 x 600 resolution screen, so while it isn’t ideal for Ice Cream Sandwich, it should run it well enough once all the kinks are out.

See for yourself below:

There’s still no word on an updated model of the Notion Ink device. We had heard that the company would be showing off the Adam 2 in December, but obviously that doesn’t seem overly likely at this point. The company had promised an update to Honeycomb by the summer, but that never happened either – it might have been promised before they realized that Google was keeping a tight lid on the open source code. What say you, readers, is an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich enough to rekindle you interest?

[via Liliputing]