Notion Ink has been on a roll with releasing videos of their highly anticipated Adam Android-powered tablet. And we’re happy to watch them. This time around, the company has treated us to what their calling the Sniffer application, which is designed to work as a file browser. Notion Ink is adamant in its usage, and points out that it’s a very important application for a “power user” of the Android Operating System.

By default, Android does not come with a file browser installed. That’s why a lot of third party applications have grown in popularity. However, Notion Ink decided to implement their own version, and have been nice enough to show it off. Perhaps most importantly, is that all applications that Notion Ink have developed, are perfectly in sync with Sniffer. Notion Ink says that Sniffer is able to read through MicroSD cards and USB drives quickly, and is able to link files with their corresponding application on the tablet faster. They do point out that Office formats and PDF integration is coming in a future update.

You can watch Sniffer in action below. As of the time of this writing, the video hasn’t completely uploaded to YouTube, but keep checking back. It should be up in no time.

[via Notion Ink]