Hot on the heels of the other holiday-weekend videos boot screen, browser demo, and hardware demo, this is the demonstration of Notion Ink Adam’s GPS Mapping app. This app is developed by Merio, and rather than just enlarging Google Maps to its giant 10.1-inch display, Adam brings forth this whole new lovely situation supporting POIs, turn-by-turn directions, and of course, 3D!

Merio is a developer group that’s little known to the world as of yet, but with wild creations such as this, they’ll soon be coming out with a vengeance we bet. It’s still unclear whether the data for this mapping app is cached, locally stored, or accessed over Wifi since no technical details beyond what’s shown in the video are revealed. Take a look at this, the other demos from this weekend, and don’t forget the rest of our Notion Ink Adam coverage in the past and into the future!

[Via SlashGear]