Remember back at the tail end of November when those superstars over at XDA rooted the NOOKcolor? Remember how basic it was and all they really had on there was Angry Birds (what else do you need?) Well now there’s something even BETTER – complete access to the Android Marketplace! Hooray! Get to downloading!

REMEMBER before you get started that this is a HACK and should be treated as such. In no way at ALL will Barnes and Noble be insuring your device work under these circumstances, especially since you will have already broken in past their reader-centric system with the root. If you don’t know what you’re doing, probably don’t do it. The process for getting the Android Market is a wild and twisted road, and one that should be followed precisely. Instructions on how to get to the place you’re aiming at are over at [NOOK Devs] – have fun!

And don’t forget to take a peek back at our “Week With” NOOKcolor reviews, an exhaustive look through the inner and outer workings of the device.

[Via Droid Gamers]


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