If you like the idea of the Android powered Nook Color becoming a cheap Android tablet, that idea is even more appealing now. The Nook Color will be getting access to a custom Barnes & Noble app store and Flash support in April. That would mean you can play games and watch Flash video and more from the eReader.

Right now you can root the Nook to get these features but according to the Home Shopping Network the features will get official next month. The new B&N app store will be interesting if it has good apps in it. The official date for the launch of the app store and the update isn’t offered.

Apparently, the update for the Nook Color will be sent out automatically to devices on a WiFi network. HSN says that some of the apps include Angry Birds, Lonely Planet Phrasebook, and Drawing Pad. The device will also get integrated email support without needing a web browser. Sounds nice and makes the $299 Nook Color more appealing too.

[via CNet]