The Nook Color Android-powered eReader didn’t start out to become an Android tablet. However, it didn’t take long for users of the Color to start hacking the device to get all sorts of features that Barnes & Noble didn’t expect. That led to B&N offering new official support for email and games like Angry Birds. Nook Color users are now able to get a new exclusive character in stores and get “Magic Places” enhanced game play as well.

The game will offer a free unlock for the Mighty Eagle character for in-store play only on the Nook Color. The Mighty Eagle won’t cost the Nook Color users anything when used in the store. Over 700 Barnes & Noble stores will be Magic Places. These places will offer free upgrades and rewards. The app for the Nook Color sells for $2.99.

The update will start to roll out this summer but the exact time is not announced. Considering that a bunch of people buy smartphones based on if it will run Angry Birds, I wonder how many hard-core fans of the game will get a Nook Color just to get the special B&N upgrades and features in the game.