Today Barnes & Noble have updated the NOOK for Android app. Not the actual NOOKcolor but the Nook app in the Android Market. Not to be confused with the actual NOOK device. Nook for Android has been updated to v2.5 and along with it came some much welcomed changes, read below to find out more. For those interested in the NOOKcolor. Read this to see the NOOKcolor Receive Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Changes in v2.5 include:

– A new library “Grid View” to see more of your book covers on one screen. (Mostly Benefits larger 7″ + screens)
– A progress meter when downloading books and other things.
– A new menu option in the shop to view or add books to your wish list.

Go ahead and update in the Android Market, the update is live now. I did want to point out the NOOKcolor is an odd situation because it is now an extremely popular device because of it having root access, the Android Market, and custom ROM’s like Honeycomb 3.0 I posted above. That and many developers are working on it. It will still be getting updates as an official E-Reader from Barnes & Noble, as well as updates from the great dev community at XDA Forums. So enjoy it.