There is marketing and then there is spinning the truth. While Nokia might want us to believe that there are 1 million people in China eagerly waiting for the Nokia X, the truth, as well as the numbers, might actually be a lot less than that.

Nokia made its rather bold 1 million preorders claim on its Weibo page just days after it started accepting preorders in China. 1 million is definitely no small number. Not that the Nokia X is a terrible device. It might actually be decent if you put it under a certain very low-tier category. As Android fans, we might be expected to cheer for the success of the platform, no matter the manufacturer. In reality, of course, that is not always the case, and, sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction.

Nokia X pre-orders come exclusively through Apparently, the website has very lax requirements when it comes to preorders. Just login and click the button, no other questions or payment asked. This definitely opens up the line for a lot more people than those who will actually be buying the device. Interestingly, is also running a pre-order contest, with a Nokia X as the prize of course. Any customer can pre-order for one Nokia X, for each color. With four colors available, you can do the math. Suffice it to say, there might be considerably less than 1 million people who will actually be buying the Nokia X when it arrives on March 25.

Nokia is definitely not the only one who adds a bit of honey to their facts, so it can hardly be singled out as being the only rotten apple. The true test will come once the Nokia X has had enough time in the market, long enough to see if Nokia, or Microsoft by that time, will decide to continue this Android line.