Nokia has just announced a slight variant of its NFC-enabled Treasure Tag. This Treasure Tag Mini still tries to keep track of your stuff, but now only uses Bluetooth 4.0 to do so,

If that functionality sounds a bit familiar, it might be because you’ve probably heard it from the HTC Fetch last year. The basic principle is the same. You attach the Treasure Tag Mini to something of importance, like keys or a bag. Just not your smartphone, because that defeats the entire purpose. You then pair the tag with your smartphone, up to four per smartphone, and the app will remember the last location that was recorded on the tag. Should you go beyond the 40 m range supported by the Bluetooth 4.0 standard, you will be alerted to the fact that you’ve done so, either because you moved or the object was moved without your knowledge. You can even set up an alarm tone for each tag to help you find it, in case you’ve forgotten where it is.

Nokia actually already has a Treasure Tag, tough that one relied on NFC for tagging. The Mini, which isn’t exactly smaller, only has Bluetooth, but it also opens up its doors to more than just Nokia’s Lumia line, including Android devices. At the moment, however, the companion app that is essential in making it useful is still nowhere to be seen.

The Nokia Treasure Tag Mini will be selling for around $16.90 a piece. Unlike the original and more colorful Treasure Tag, the Treasure Tag Mini will only come in a white color option with an orange silicone strap.

VIA: SlashGear