Nokia, with the help of HMD Global, is finally back in the mobile business. Not that the brand totally bowed out of the game but the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone didn’t exactly sell. Microsoft sold of Nokia’s mobile assets and it was HMD who took the risk. After years of of preparation, the company has finally introduced not only one but four new Nokia phones.

These are Android-powered devices namely the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, and the 2017 version of the famous Nokia 3310. We weren’t informed of the exact release date but we know these phones will be out this year. We’re now on Q2 so expect the first ones to roll out anytime sooon.

We know that Nokia 6 has been ready in China since January and on pre-sale in Germany but we have nothing yet on the other phones until today when VTECH shared some details. The Nokia 3310 can be expected to launch in Malaysia just before this month ends. The other Nokia Android phones will roll out next month but one by one with the Nokia 3 being released first.

We’re positive about this HMD Global’s work on reviving the Nokia brand. It has plans to go in about 120 markets worldwide this quarter. That’s quite ambitious but that’s okay, we’re giving the company the benefit of the doubt. We want them to succeed as much as we want BlackBerry to also soar in the Android community but it takes time and great effort before we see the fruits of all the hard work.

What do you think about the upcoming Nokia phones? What are you planing to get this time?

VIA: Neowin