If you’re unfamiliar with who Eldar Murtazin is, first and foremost, he is the editor-in-chief Analyst and manager of Mobile-Review.com, and a very well read and followed fellow. What he’s got to say is in regards to this mornings news about Nokia teaming up with Microsoft for a Windows Phone 7 handshake heard around the world. As this was occuring, Murtazin was hearing from his inside sources that not only had Nokia made a deal with Microsoft, they’d cut a deal with Google as well at essentially the same time.

This deal, Murtazin says, will have Nokia creating their first Android devices for release in 2012. The original tweet where he lets loose this cannonball can be found here, if you’d like to take a peek. This would also put another nail in the coffin for the idea of Nokia as a mobile OS designer – one or two or three of the other nails also coming earlier in the day with notes such as Google offers sacked Nokia engineers a lifeline and of course Nokia Workers walk out of their Finnish jobs.

What do you think, ladies and gentlemen? Will it be Nokia x Microsoft and Nokia x Google vs the world? — also, thanks for the tip, Ali!