Nokia is back. Thanks to HMD Global for its numerous efforts to bring back life to the Finnish brand that was once the top phone maker in the world. We’ve seen a number of new Nokia phones already including the Nokia 5, 6, 8, Nokia 3310, and the upcoming Nokia 9. The company isn’t just focused on the mobile arena. It also has the health-focused products that are more known under the Withings group. Earlier this year, we said it would be rebranded and the Health Mate App would be overhauled. The time has come as Nokia just launched a slew of digital health products.

Nokia has taken Withings to a new level with new products such as the Nokia BPM+ and the Nokia Body BMI Wi-Fi connected scale. The former is a soft-cuff blood pressure monitor that measures a person’s blood pressure level. There’s also the revamped health app that now shows a 360-degree of one’s health.

As with most health-related products, this one delivers accessibility and convenience for everyone. If you’re interested in really getting into the health and fitness game, we suggest you try any product from this series and you’ll be glad to know that the device can answer your every need. The Nokia Body and the Nokia BPM+ plus the Nokia Health Mate app will tell you your progress, current health condition, and help you achieve your goals.

The Nokia health products “delivers actionable insights, giving users the equivalent of a daily check-up” and provides families a more “personalized experience they need to live healthier lives together” according to Nokia Digital Health’s VP Cedric Hutchings.

The Nokia Body+ is available for only US$ 59.95 while the Nokia BPM costs US$ 129.95. This line is the largest collection of connected consumer health products in the market today according to Nokia. You can get them online and in-store from popular retailers.

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