When Nokia acquired health device brand Withings, we expected of course that there will be major changes happening soon. It took them several months to make any formal announcements, but now the official statement is that all the current Withings products will be rebranded and will carry the Nokia brand starting the summer of 2017. Furthermore, they will bring a major update to the Health Mate app and also launch the Patient Care Platform which is HIPAA-compliant.

Whitings devices like the Body Cardio smart scale or the Thermo thermometer or wearables like the Steel HR Watch, Activite Watch, and Go Tracker will be relaunched by the summer of 2017, this time with the Nokia brand instead of Withings. The entire portfolio, which includes blood pressure monitors, home cameras, and other health-related products will all sport the Nokia logo when they’re manufactured and then sold.

They will also be launching a new Patient Care Platform which allows doctors to remotely check up on their patients. But lest you think this is just some Web MD-type self-diagnostics platform, it is actually HIPAA-compliant and in fact will be tested with the National Health Service in the UK. It will be focusing on understanding hypertension and how remote monitoring can actually contribute to the lowering of hypertension. There will be around 69,000 people involved in this initial test and if successful, it can roll out more widely.

Lastly, the Health Mate app will undergo a sort of overhaul when it releases its major update in the summer. It will have an “improved user experience” and will actually make it easier to add devices. This isn’t surprising since there will be a lot of Withings devices that may need to be connected to the app. Both the rebranding and the relaunching of the app will happen sometime in the summer of this year.




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