When the somewhat expected but major news arrived this week that Microsoft would finally stop sending platform support payments to Nokia, and instead opted to buy the company outright, the dream of a Nokia Android smartphone died. Don’t be sad though, because one ex CEO has a team of Nokia defectors and aims to create a new Nokia-like company with the best OS around. That being Android of course.

Thomas Zilliacus, former Asia-Pacific CEO of Nokia has big plans, and they were kickstarted into high gear the minute Microsoft decided to buy Nokia. Now that the future is obviously clear for the Finnish smartphone company, he suspects that even more employees will be looking to leave.

So with that, Zilliacus is aiming to snatch up even more defectors from Nokia than he already has, and start a brand new smartphone company and manufacturer called Newkia. Now at first that sounds like an April fools joke, and a lawsuit would certainly follow, but based out of Singapore and already under way it sounds like they aren’t too concerned.

What Newkia wants to do is to use Nokia know-how, technology, and design to build the world’s best smartphones, but running on Android”

Sounds pretty good, right? After doing a bit of digging the folks from AndroidAuthority have this all on video from a recent interview, so those dreaming of an Android Nokia phone can start patiently waiting. Obviously the exact designs and plenty of camera patents would be off-limits, but surely they can come up with something stellar. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one, that’s for sure.



  1. I just hope that the Newkia phones have microSD card slots and vanilla Android.
    I would also like lower-cost LTE-capable models


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