The Nokia 8 is the brand’s first ever premium flagship Android smartphone offering. There have been other devices before the “8” such as the Nokia 2, Nokia 3, 5, 6, and Nokia 7. We’re anticipating for the Nokia 9 already and we know more will be introduced in the next few months. There’s the Nokia 6’s 2018 model and now this one known as the Nokia 8 Sirocco. The name was spotted on a recent APK teardown and certification. It could also be the Nokia 8 Pro being developed and rumored.

It seems too early to discuss the 2018 flagship but we’re already curious how this one will go against the other premium flagship devices. Samsung is launching the S9 and more will be introduced at the Mobile World Congress later this month. Nokia may need to take a few notes during the tech event to ensure the next-gen smartphone can keep up with other OEM’s products. Nokia is expected to announce its next flagship around August or September so there is plenty of time.

We heard of the Nokia 10 before but know we’re hearing information it could just be the Nokia 8 Pro complete with Snapdragon 845 processor, advanced Penta-lens camera, Zeiss Zoom camera, and a fingerprint sensor. When it comes to aesthetics, this one may be similar to the Nokia 8 with 18:9 display and a double-glass design.

This Nokia 8 Pro is in the works. As to what the final name will be, your guess is as good as mine.