You may not realize it but some Nokia phones already run Android P. One of the first Android P-related news we heard was that the next version of the mobile OS would come to Nokia smartphones once available. We may have missed to list down the Nokia devices but now we know the Nokia 7 Plus is one. We know more Nokia models will receive the Android P dessert but at this point, we’re sorry to learn the news the beta Android P was downgraded to Android Oreo.

This seems to be an unfortunate mistake–something you don’t want to happen. Not that it’s the first time we’re hearing about such happening but receiving something you shouldn’t be receiving at all is not good. According to some Nokia 7 Plus owners, they received the June patch of Android Oreo instead of an update for Android P. The result was the full ROM of Oreo being installed in Android P. Well, it’s not successful because some systems have been corrupted that they needed to be restored. A number of Nokia 7 Plus phones were even reported unusable.

What happened was that the June patch for Android P reverted to Oreo. Some Nokia phone users tried to reapply and sideload the beta update package but only failed. A factory reset won’t even solve the problem.

We don’t think this is an issue that can’t be fixed but we’re curious because it’s very simple. Something like this could have been easily avoided if proper testings were conducted. We’re assuming not enough tests were done or somewhere along the way, someone in the process line made a mistake.




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