The NFL is also making the information jump to Android, putting out the “NFL Now” as a kind of one-stop shop for everything NFL – think of a slimmer version of the NBA League Pass. NFL fans will surely welcome the wide array of videos and information available through the app.

It seems like everybody needs to get all their sports information on their mobile phones and devices these days, and NFL Now is one sure way to drown in an avalanche of videos and information about your favorite NFL team, especially as pre-season comes rolling in. So what do you get with the NFL Now app? A LOT.


NFL assures users that this will be the largest NFL video library available to any mobile user, and it is of course personalized to whom your favorite players and teams are. The videos include your basic highlights and clips, including commentary and videos of breaking news taped from NFL’s new studio built just for NFL Now. Depending on what kind of NFL fan you are, there would seem to be something for everybody – you choose your players and teams, and there is a guaranteed 4,800 minutes of video from each team on a weekly basis.


If you want to go for an even deeper dive than that, there will be a paid version of the app – the NFL Now Plus, which will be downloadable for USD$1.99 – where users get instant access to in-game highlights as games from the upcoming season roll in. As for the standard – and free – NFL Now app, we would assume that there are plenty of videos and information in the free app for you to begin with, downloadable via the Google Play Store.