So you remember the Pokemon GO Plus bracelet thingy from last year, right? The Pokemon GO Plus accessory was released last year by Nintendo to coincide with the launch of the megahit augmented reality game from Niantic. This year, Nintendo is planning to release an upgrade to that accessory – this is the Pokemon Go Plus Ring Accessory, which is supposed to be worn on your finger, saving you from using two hands.

The Pokemon GO Plus Ring Accessory functions pretty much like last year’s gadget did – you can capture Pokemon and snag items from Pokestops with a press of a button. But whereas last year’s accessory stayed on your wrist or breast pockets, necessitating a press with the other hand, this new accessory can be worn like an upside down ring, and you can press the button with the same hand it’s in.

The Pokemon GO Plus accessories are really for times where you just don’t have time to pick up your phone, but you still want to “catch ‘em all”. So you do the next best thing, you let the Pokemon GO app run, and when you get to a Pokestop or when there’s a Pokemon lurking around, your accessory vibrates and you can just press the button. Pretty easy.

The accessory has already launched in Japan for the affordable price of just around USD$3.50. Compared to last year’s accessory, this is a steal. The bad news is that there is no mention of an international release yet, so Pokemon trainers in the US need to wait a bit for this one.

VIA: EuroGamer