So March is fast approaching, and if you don’t know yet, that is the month we finally see Japanese gaming giant Nintendo give in to the dark side – which is mobile gaming, of course, if you get the drift. They’ve waited a long time to jump in, and last year they finally decided to team up with social and gaming outfit DeNA to launch games on mobile platforms, first of which is Miitomo, which launches in March.

Miitomo is not a game like you would imagine a Nintendo game to be. Think of it more like a social network with playable avatars. You create a character, you dress up your character, and your character interacts with other such characters in the world of Miitomo. Quite like Facebook and The Sims combined.


Of course, you won’t be able to play if you don’t have the new unified Nintendo account that they’re launching. So first, you can pre-register for the game – as is customary in Japan. It looks like they’re opening up the pre-registration to other markets as well. Then you get a Nintendo unified account.


That’s it, you’re all set to just wait for the launch of the newfangled app form Nintendo in March. If you pre-registered, there might be new things that the company will periodically share with you in the buildup to the launch.

SOURCE: Nintendo