Nintendo has famously said that it will “take it slow” when they finally jumped on the mobile game bandwagon. For this, they struck a partnership with mobile game developers DeNA specifically for their mobile gaming nous. We’re finally nearing the point where we can start speculating about which Nintendo franchises will turn up officially on mobile, as both companies have come out saying the first game will be out by end of 2015, with the rest following until April 2017.

DeNA West CEO Shintaro Asako said that these five games will feature five Nintendo IPs (intellectual properties), and each game will be in a completely different genre. “We want to make sure out of those five IP that we can end up attracting hundreds of millions of people,” said Asako. At the very least, it won’t all be endless runners or platformers.


DeNA has said that its partnership with Nintendo is the “most crucial” partnership the outfit has ever had. Considering it has already worked with Marvel, the Transformers, and Disney, those are pretty big words. That will only bring up the hype, with people already expecting Mario, Link (Legend of Zelda), and all the familiar names to feature in the games.

mario kart

The five games will most likely be in the RPG and casual gaming genre – although we can’t wait to see how DeNA mixes it up. What would you like to see in Nintendo’s first few games?

VIA: Pocket Gamer


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