It’s been nearly five years when we first saw the Pokémon Go game by Niantic (formerly NianticLabs) burst into the scene. In 2020 Niantic had rather hard times during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, gradually forced to make many changes in the gaming app. Now that things are settling, there’s something bright on the horizon for the game developer who’s created the hugely famous game that gripped everyone, in collaboration with Nintendo and Pokémon Company.

Nintendo, who themselves have had muted mobile gaming ambitions, have again joined hands with Niantic to create an augmented reality app based on the Pikmin game. The idea here is to leverage the real-world AR technology and use it to make Nintendo’s characters come to life in engaging gameplay.

According to Nintendo, they want people to walk and make it fun – with this new mobile app based on Pikmin, they are having high hopes of grand success. The AR app is slated to launch later this year, and just for the record, it is going to be developed by Niantic’s Tokyo Studio.

This is the 20th anniversary of the franchise – as the game launched way back in 2001. This was followed by sequels including a re-release of the Pikmin 3 game for Wii U gaming console, as the Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch platform in fall 2020.

Details on the gameplay or other elements of the Pikmin AR game are scanty at this point in time. However interested geeks can sign up for latest details on the title and all the related information.

Both Nintendo and Niantic have made official announcements on their respective Twitter accounts about this collaboration. More is expected to trickle in the coming months about details of gameplay, game physics and more.


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