I spent many an hour back in the day playing games on my Nintendo 64 and I bet a lot of other geeks did too. If you are looking to relive some of the fond memories of your youth on your Android device a new app has surfaced that puts those old N64 games on your smartphone.

The app is called N64oid and it comes to us from the capable hands of developer yongzh. This same geek designed other notable emulators like GameBoid, SNEsoid, Nesoid, and Gensoid. If you are an emulator fan, you have probably used his apps already.

The N64oid app promises decent frame rates on high-end Android devices and the devices can run some games at full speed with sound. The emulator has an onscreen control pad, supports the accelerometer and you can map keys. It has save and load capability as well. You can grab N64oid on the Android market right now for $5.99 and you have to get you own ROMs.

[via Pocketnow]



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