If you’ve been waiting for that auspicious day when Nike would announce Android support for its Nike+ FuelBand line, it might be best not to hold your breath anymore. The sports company has been reported to have let go as much as 80 percent of its workforce that is assigned to developing the wearable device.

This news comes with multiple possible future scenarios, almost all of which don’t really factor in any sort of Android support. Most of the employees that have been let go are more connected to the development of the hardware side of the product, while those that have been retained are mostly responsible for the software. This has lead many to speculate that Nike will no longer be making its own device but will instead be looking for hardware partners to slap its FuelBand software.on.

In theory, that might work in Android’s favor since the company would be able to devote more of its attention on software aspects and possibly compatibility with Android devices. However, that dream might not come to pass since many are speculating that Nike already has a partner in mind: Apple. The two, after all, already have good rapport in this regard, since Nike’s FuelBand line works exclusively with Apple’s mobile devices. On the other hand, Nike has blamed Android’s lack or less than stellar support for Bluetooth LE as the primary reason why it has shunned the platform. That may already be changing rapidly, but it may also be too late.

Of course, Nike is denying such rumors, but what it denies and what it is already doing behind the scenes may be two completely different things. With less than half of its FuelBand team left and with no solid and substantial plans for future iterations, Android uses and lovers looking for a smart sportsband might be better off looking to the devices that may soon come via Android Wear and the like.

VIA: SlashGear