Is Niantic working on a new hardware? We have no confirmation yet but rumor has it that the company, now famous for Pokemon GO, will release a special wristband known as the Nex + Ingress Band. No, it’s not related to the Sony camera released three years ago but rather a wearable that we first heard of as the Nex Band Evolution. It appears that Niantic got a hold of the project and will soon market it as its own product.

We’ve been anticipating for a new Apple Watch app but Niantic won’t be able to announce it in time for new year. It’s still arriving soon but we have no idea when exactly. We’re guessing the company will release it together with the new wearable that will be for gaming and health tracking. We say for gaming because there’s a possibility it will work like the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. We’re also thinking some games will be able to benefit from such device.

It is believed that Niantic will announce the hardware next month. The Nex + Ingress Band will feature five small touch sensitive displays with multi-color LEDs. The LEDs are for notifications that can be customized. There’s also the fitness tracking features plus a long 4-day battery life. We also heard that Niantic will release two versions: one an Ingress model and a Pokemon GO variant.

A Pokemon GO app for the Apple Watch is something fans have been waiting for but now we’re not sure if it will still push through. Releasing it’s very own wearable with Pokemon GO functionality will make them more money instead of an Apple Watch app. Then again, the possibility of getting more millions of players and users who have Apple Watch will definitely bring in the bucks.

VIA: 9TO5Mac