Niagara Launcher Version 1.1 Update

The Niagara Launcher went out of beta and into the stable version in early February. A month later, it’s ready to receive an update. Version 1.1 is available and with it comes an improved weather widget. The first version wasn’t really ready but it doesn’t matter because the developer is busy working on enhancements and fixes to some issues uncovered. The launcher is a home screen replacement app for your smartphone. The newer version offers new animations and an updated water widget among others.

Niagara Launcher v1.1 brings the updated weather widget. This one adds support for a longer forecast range (8 days), shorter refresh intervals (30 to 60 minutes), and a 30-minute rain and snow forecast. The latter is now supported in most key markets except for Africa.

The weather widget also shows minutely forecast data. This helps users to get stuck in the snow or rain. Accuracy is improved with the 30 to 60 minute shorter refresh intervals.

Niagara Launcher still won’t wake our device from standby. It also won’t affect your battery. Note that the hourly forecast now adds weather conditions for the next dat. Weather forecast for one whole week can be shown with the longer forecast range.

Niagara Launcher Weather Widget

You will notice sunrise and sunset timers on the Niagara Launcher weather widget. You may also take advantage of new option to choose a fixed location, daily weather descriptions, and more additional weather icons. You can also expect a transparent screenshot feature, battery charge indicator, new widget settings sheet, and new close app animations.

Download the Niagara Launcher from the Google Play Store. The latest version may not be live on the Play Store yet so please do check from time to time.


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