It took them four years of development and two years of testing but the stable version of the Niagara Launcher is finally out in the Google Play Store. This app is meant for those who prefer to use their smartphone’s large display with just one hand as its clutter-free and easy to access elements are in the home screen. The app actually started out as a flashlight app back in those days when Android devices didn’t always have one built-in.

The Niagara Launcher was actually developed by XDA member and recognized developer Maxr1998 and was previously available in early access on the Google Play Store for the past two years. What’s most notable about the launcher is it has a minimal home screen layout unlike most of the third-party launchers that have a lot of bells and whistles. This launcher is for those who just want to have easy access to apps and not that many elements on their home screen.

You’ll see a list of apps and a scroll bar next to it that you can swipe through in alphabetical order. You can also customize the list so your favorite apps are at the top. The launcher also has an adaptive feature that will bring the right app to the top so you can access notifications, upcoming calendar events, emails, etc. You can also preview your notifications and then reply to them with just one tap. There’s a built-in media widget that can b at the top of the list.

Since it’s a third-party launcher, it also comes with a lot of customization options. You can personalize the home screen, font colors, app icons, etc. And all of these things, you can get for free and there will be no ads to interrupt or confuse you. But if you want even more features, there’s also a premium subscription where you can get things like a minimal weather widget, integrated calendar, custom swipe icons, custom fonts, etc.

The Niagara Launcher is available for free on the Google Play Store. The premium subscription is at $6 per year but as a special treat, you can get it for an early access price of $4 per year. This offer is available for the next few days.


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