This dude has the weirdest haircut. This is NFL Reciever Chad Ochocinco, number 85, a dude who, if you’re not aware, was responsible way back for pushing Verizon’s Motorola Devour earlier this year. Ochocinco has Tweeted his glee on “getting that Motorola tablet” in early 2011, a sure sign that he’ll be brought on to promote the device in a similar manner to the Devour. Rumors are also that Verizon plans on tossing a bunch of money at the Superbowl for a spot on the screen to promote their tablet as well.

Perhaps the tablet will be XOOMing through the air, caught by the nimble hands of Ochocinco? We shall see. Take a peek at additional news about the XOOM tablet here and get super pumped up because we’ll be able to see it FIRST at CES! Wooie!