For all those that happily ran out and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon that quickly learned the popular NFL Mobile app exclusive to Verizon (that is free for 4G LTE phones) didn’t support your device, I have some good news for you today. After reporting the app would be updated 2 weeks ago sadly that never happened but today is finally the day and Verizon has just issued an update bringing Android 4.0 support — but there’s a catch.

I’m seriously hoping that Verizon accidentally just pushed the wrong version to the Android Market because even though I received the update notification on my Galaxy Nexus, and did the update I still don’t have support. The “what’s new” notes clearly states Android 4.0 device support but it appears someone either forgot to include the most important Android 4.0 device or Verizon just made a small mistake.

Obviously the only Android 4.0 device on Verizon currently is the Galaxy Nexus so that would be the only device they’d need to include with this update but sadly they managed to forget about it. I have a feeling they just pushed the wrong version to the Android Market and another update will be available later today or sometime tomorrow to fix the problem and our beloved Galaxy Nexus phones will be supported. In the meantime we’ll have to resort to something else. I know I was extremely excited and immediately gave it a try and almost threw my phone into a wall when I received the above error still.

Thanks for the somewhat quick update Verizon — although this should have been handled before the device launch. You’ll need to give us another update soon or many will be quite angry. I’m just going to cough this up as a laugh out loud moment for Verizon that will get fixed momentarily. I hope so at least.

Update: The update is only working for some users apparently. Try clearing data in setting > applications and then trying again. I uninstalled and reinstalled to get it to work. Fail for Verizon but at least we have the update before the season ended.

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