When I received my shiny new Galaxy Nexus from Verizon with 4G LTE I was excited to try NFL Mobile — their awesome (and sadly exclusive) NFL app that basically is a must-have for any Football fan. Not to mention NFL Mobile premium with free live streaming of all NFL games including the Super Bowl is free for 4G LTE smartphone customers. Sadly it was not supported on the Galaxy Nexus but according to Droid-Life that should be changing today.

After being quite disappointed by not having this new flagship 4G LTE device be supported I reached out to Verizon support and didn’t get any firm details other than they were working on a fix. We’ve received a few tips and now with the information learned today we are now happy to report Verizon should be pushing an update at some point today, December 22nd, that will enable full Android 4.0 ICS and Galaxy Nexus support with NFL Mobile.

Currently the application is still on the last version and no update is available at this time. For those huge NFL fans wanting to stream the Thursday blowout game coming tonight, or all the Saturday playoff implicating games be sure to check for updates throughout the day — Or just install the non-compatible version now and it’ll notify you when the time comes.

Thanks Verizon, you’ve just made my holiday weekend!