We live on rumors around here as we wait in anticipation for the latest smartphones to land just like the rest of you. We have heard launch rumors in the past for the next generation Nexus 9 smartphone launching on October 16. A new rumor is making the rounds that supports that Nexus 9 mid-October launch date.

This rumor reportedly comes from two sources that claim to be familiar with Google’s plans for the Nexus 9 launch. The launch is pegged for October 15 or 16 by these sources. Along with the new sources of detail on the Nexus 9 also comes a tidbit about a new smartphone.

The details on this new smartphone are very unclear at this time, but the thought is this might be the rumored Moto Nexus device. Along with that new smartphone hardware will also come something tipped as a new software initiative.

The thought is this new software might be Android L’s official launch. The sources claim that Android L will be officially available November 1. What the sources didn’t know is if that November 1 date for Android L will be when new Nexus hardware ships with the OS or when other devices will have access to the software.

SOURCE: Android Authority