The UK site for the new Nexus 7 still has the tablet listed as coming soon, however it looks like some dates and pricing are beginning to surface. Keeping in mind we have yet to see any of this from Google, it now looks like the tablet will be available from August 24th. This latest date is coming by way of a recent advertisement from Ebuyer.

Basically, the folks at Ebuyer now look to have the Nexus 7 available by August 24th. In fact, that recent advertisement is telling the story of “guaranteed delivery for Saturday 24th August.” The retailer still has the tablet available for pre-order with pricing set at £199 for the 16GB model and at £239 for the 32GB model. The small catch with that guaranteed date though — it is worded a bit different on the actual website.

A quick check of the Ebuyer listings for the Nexus 7 reflects the same August 24th date, however it is otherwise listed as being an expected date. Looking outside of Ebuyer and we are still seeing a mid-September timeframe. Specifically, Currys and PC World are both showing an availability date of September 13th. The pricing however, is the same.

Bottom line here, while we have seen Ebuyer using the word guaranteed in their latest promotion material it is important to remember that we still need to get this from Google. And until that time, this all remains unconfirmed and rumor. Anyway, while waiting for the official word from Google, those considering a purchase may benefit from our earlier published review.

[Update] Despite the guarantee from the folks at Ebuyer, it looks like ASUS has confirmed the UK release date as August 28th.

VIA: Eurodroid, Crave


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