The brand new and highly anticipated Google Nexus 7 is finally available. Well, available to those in the US at the moment, while other regions were simply told “in the coming weeks” from Google’s event last Wednesday. Google hasn’t been very straight forward as to when other regions will be able to enjoy the new slate, as well as when we can expect to see those LTE models hit the street.

Don’t worry though folks, because good old Google has you covered. They’ve just launched a brand new Nexus 7 sign-up page on their UK site, which will allow eager buyers and Nexus fans to sign-up for additional details as they become available. Regions such as the UK, Japan, Canada, Germany, France and many other places are all still waiting for a concrete date.

So while for now all we have to tell you is “in the coming weeks” hopefully the UK, Canada, and many other larger regions will get the slate in the next week or two, but some leaked documents have others waiting until September for it to arrive. We’re hoping the wait won’t be over a month, but who knows, as it’s already flying off the shelves.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 9.36.18 AM

The page simply states that if you sign-up now, you’ll get notified by the folks at Google with a little heads up as to where you can get it, what retailer near you, and when. If you’d like to join the list to be notified hit the link below, otherwise we’ll update the minute we know more, as usual. Don’t forget some UK retailers are already accepting pre-orders, so you might want to hurry.

SOURCE: Google