At the tail end of last week Google finally started shipping orders of their new and impressive Nexus 7 tablet to those who ordered from the Play Store. Along with several retailers like Gamestop, Staples, and Sam’s Club. Today however Google’s own Play Store has now changed their shipping status for the 16GB version from 1 week, to 3-4 weeks.

Does this mean you can’t get one? Not at all. It means that they are selling like hot cakes, just like we reported, and they are having to expand their estimated shipping times to balance out the flow of orders. Users that ordered recently should all be receiving their tablets soon, and hopefully if you order today it’ll still ship before 3-4 weeks go by.

I know many of my Android friends and family have all purchased the tablet, but is the Nexus 7 really selling in huge numbers, or is the supply just not very large? We all know the ASUS Transformer Prime was hard to find for weeks and weeks, hopefully the same doesn’t hold true for the Nexus 7. ASUS hasn’t been the best with supply and demand in the past, but hopefully Google had them prepare for the onslaught of orders this awesome budget tablet was sure to receive.

If you’ve still not ordered one, the cheaper 8GB model is still stating 1-2 weeks for shipping as it probably isn’t selling as fast due to the low storage amount. Most orders appear to be arriving today or already did yesterday, so let us know if you enjoy the tablet.

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  1. I’m worried. I think I got the last ever pre-order. I pre-ordered it saturday, I had to make sure I had my money all in the right places. I put my order in as a pre-order, and it said on google play “Ships Now” I was honestly extremely surprised. However, right after my order I checked the play store and it said buy now not pre order and ships in 1-2 weeks. =( I could be waiting a while…

    • I ordered Saturday the 14th… it was under buy now since I had been cautious in preordering since I had never done so before and had wanted to check and see if any local stores had them in stock (they all sold out, too bad for me). I really hope the posted date when I ordered, 1-2 weeks, stays the same and that it wasn’t just updated to 3-4 D:

  2. I ordered mine from the Google Play Store on July 3rd and haven’t heard from Google ever since. I’ll be really annoyed if i have to wait another 3-4 weeks to receive my N7 since i ordered so early.

    • I ordered mine on the 3rd also have yet to hear from Google as well. Since 3-4 weeks is for new orders I would assume that ours would be shipped out before theirs.

  3. Ordered on July 6th. Noticed the shipping address was wrong on July 13th during the day. Have been trying to change the shipping address ever since. Can’t contact Google at all, and no replies to any requests to change it online.

    Does anyone know how to contact a Google rep here in Canada/Toronto?


  4. I called Gamestop today to check on my preorder and was told the Nexus 7 was delayed until September 30th because of a software issue and that they had to recall existing units. I’m not sure if I believe that story though and some punk is just playing with the one that I ordered.

    • Called their general customer support because I didn’t believe the guy at the store and they confirmed that orders had to be pulled from the shelves and the new estimated release from the manufacturer was sometime in September, no specific date.

  5. I preordered on july 5th the 16gb, and haven’t heard a word from google, tried to call twice was on hold over an hour each time, never got to speak with a representative. Then I tried email, 2 days later nothing from that either. this is crazy!

    • I just recieved this in an email from google at 8:15 pm tonight.


      We wanted to send you an update on your Nexus 7
      pre-order. We’ve had incredible demand for the new tablet and are shipping them
      as quickly as possible. If you placed your order by July 11, it will ship this
      week and we’ve upgraded to overnight shipping so it arrives sooner. Orders
      placed after July 11, will ship next week with overnight shipping.”

      I’m still aggravated but at least Ive heard something official now.

  6. I ordered my Nexus 7 on June 28th and it still has not shipped. 🙁 I’m going to contact Google tomorrow if it doesn’t ship today. Does anyone think it’s because I also ordered a case with it? I read somewhere that there are case shortages which are causing delays.

  7. I ordered on the 29th and the money was taken out of my account on friday but the transaction is still “processing.” My order details still say your order will be charged and shipped by google. I will be extremely disappointed if my order doesnt ship out this week..

  8. I order my Nexus 7 on June 27th and heard nothing from Google. Could it be because I order a case and the 16gb version?

  9. Google really should do a better job updating their pre-order customers with delivery. The back and forth of online estimates and gossip sheds a bad light on a favorable company. Google, are you listening??

  10. Pre ordered a 16 GB on July 7th. Does this mean I’ll have to wait another 3-4 weeks? I’m still excited to get my tablet, but I’ll be out of country soon. Anyone received theirs that ordered at around the same time?

  11. 16gb 6th July. Just got off the phone from Google. They said that it was “in process” but that not UPS Tracking number had been issued yet, and that I should get one by Thursday latest.

    Also of note, the contact system on Google Wallet does not work and a customer rep rarely sees any questions you may send over be it a question or a change in shipping address(which was what I wanted to originally do)
    Communication def helps with all the confusion. 🙂

  12. I have not received my Google Play store order but couldn’t wait and got one at Staples. This tablet ROCKS my SOCKS off…sweet piece of tech

  13. Just received from Google My order was placed July11:


    We wanted to send you an update on your Nexus 7 pre-order. We’ve had
    incredible demand for the new tablet and are shipping them as quickly as
    possible. If you placed your order by July 11, it will ship this week
    and we’ve upgraded to overnight shipping so it arrives sooner. Orders
    placed after July 11, will ship next week with overnight shipping.

    If you’d like more detailed information on device shipments, please reference our online Help Center

    Thanks for your patience. Your Nexus 7 will be on its way soon.

    The Google Play Team

    © 2012 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

    You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you on your Nexus 7 product pre-order.

  14. Everyone who is waiting for their Nexus, hang tight, the wait is worth it. I ordered my 16GB on June 28th in the wee hours, and received it yesterday. FYI the first thing I did was to install the update to Jelly Bean 4.1.1. I just swiped from the top down and a notification said it had a software update ready to install, so I started it and it finished with no problems. My phone is Symbian and I’ve never used android or apps before at all but let me tell you this is like Christmas in July! It’s a whole new world to explore.

  15. Picked one up from staples yesterday! i snagged the first one off the truck (: weeeee!!!

    this little bad boy is solid!!! game play is solid & what i really love over the kfire is the N7 isn’t a watered down ui. music player plays flac files boom really love that! just have to root it so i can get the tablet ui after that this N7 good to go!!

  16. There are some of us, who during the hype, were told to go to Gamestop
    and reserve our Nexus 7. I pre ordered my Nexus 7 on the 17th of July.
    Like most who did, I was told I would get it no later than September.
    Almost in tears, like a grown man-child would, I turned around a made
    the journey back home to cry on my pillow, in solitude, like a real man.
    I google searched for three hours a day with no Gamestop news to
    scratch my itch. Hungrier and hungrier I starved inside for an update,
    only to be let down by Google searches from July 13th, and random
    android forums where people gushed about their new affordable tablet.
    Finally it came, Google is shipping more 16gb Nexus 7. Within days they
    were sold out again.Sad, confused, and tired, I turned off my computer
    and went to bed. Fast forward to today. My new day of Google searching
    the Nexus 7 for any updates. I see Radioshack on the horizon, selling
    Nexus 7, but wait I thought they were sold out. Then more good news,
    Google has re-opened the Nexus 7 vault, and more 16gb tablets are on
    sale. I rushed to my phone and called my local Gamestop. To my surprise,
    the manager was on a conference call all about the Nexus. I waited
    three hours and called again. SO HERE IT IS FOR ALL OF US WHO ARE
    were getting a shipment in at least a week, no specific day was given. I
    imagine I will finally get my hands on the tablet this time next week.
    For the first time in 3 weeks I may sleep peacefully. With the help of a
    vodka and orange juice.


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