At the tail end of last week Google finally started shipping orders of their new and impressive Nexus 7 tablet to those who ordered from the Play Store. Along with several retailers like Gamestop, Staples, and Sam’s Club. Today however Google’s own Play Store has now changed their shipping status for the 16GB version from 1 week, to 3-4 weeks.

Does this mean you can’t get one? Not at all. It means that they are selling like hot cakes, just like we reported, and they are having to expand their estimated shipping times to balance out the flow of orders. Users that ordered recently should all be receiving their tablets soon, and hopefully if you order today it’ll still ship before 3-4 weeks go by.

I know many of my Android friends and family have all purchased the tablet, but is the Nexus 7 really selling in huge numbers, or is the supply just not very large? We all know the ASUS Transformer Prime was hard to find for weeks and weeks, hopefully the same doesn’t hold true for the Nexus 7. ASUS hasn’t been the best with supply and demand in the past, but hopefully Google had them prepare for the onslaught of orders this awesome budget tablet was sure to receive.

If you’ve still not ordered one, the cheaper 8GB model is still stating 1-2 weeks for shipping as it probably isn’t selling as fast due to the low storage amount. Most orders appear to be arriving today or already did yesterday, so let us know if you enjoy the tablet.

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[via Play Store] — Thanks Tim!