Google has released the “Nexus 7 Sleeve” case by way of the Play Store today. This one seems to have arrived as the first official accessory for the new model Nexus 7, though it will also work equally well with the earlier model. The case is your basic sleeve style with an “asymmetrical zipper for quick and easy access.”

The case is made of neoprene on the outside and sporting a microfibre fur lining on the interior. Basically, the neoprene exterior should provide for some protection against drops and the microfibre fur lining on the inside should protect the display against scratching. The sleeve style case also has an outer pocket for smaller accessories such as a charging cable or headphones.


At this time the Play Store has the case available in just one color — black on the outside and grey on the inside. While all this sounds like a decent enough option to protect your Nexus 7 while out and about, there is the price to consider. The Play Store listing has it priced at $29.99. That by itself is a bit on the high side, however shipping only adds to that cost.

The 3-5 business day shipping option is $17.98. And just to clarify, that is the lowest priced shipping option. For that you may as well upgrade to the two business day option which is $21.98. All said and done, you are looking at roughly $50 with tax and shipping included. Bottom line here, this looks like an expensive option to consider.


Otherwise, while we reviewed and haven’t had any issues popup with our Nexus 7, there are some users beginning to complain about the GPS and touchscreen. Specifically, users are currently sharing stories about how their GPS drops the signal and has trouble reconnecting and others sharing stories about phantom touches and issues with multitouch in general.

SOURCE: Google Play Store