Nexus 7 users had been complaining about issues with the GPS and now it looks like multitouch has been added to that list. Similar to the GPS complaints, it looks like those users complaining from issues with multitouch are telling the same story. Basically, reports are citing issues with pinch to zoom in apps like Maps and the keyboard registering double taps on letters.

Judging from a scan of the Product Forums, this is an issue that Google is aware of. In fact, it was said that “the Android team is aware of this issue and investigating.” The issue seems to apply to some, but not others. While we cannot necessarily say it is a widespread issue, it does seem to have affected the same person on multiple tablets. Simply put, exchanging your current Nexus 7 for new may or may not resolve the issue.

It seems this issue doesn’t necessarily start from first boot. User reports have said their tablet appeared good initially and got progressively worse with time. Some users have been trying some of the multitouch test apps to find their Nexus 7 shows many ghost taps. Perhaps more to the point though, the same Google employee that acknowledged the Android team was working on the issue had also suggested booting to safe mode or even restoring to original to try and isolate the issue.

The reasoning here is that if this is related to an app you have installed it should not happen in safe mode (or after a fresh restore). Of course, this is more just a way to try and resolve the issue and not a solution. With that in mind, it seems majority of the users that have tried the safe mode route have returned to the forums with word of the issue remaining. Basically, it looks like this is an issue with the Nexus 7 and not a complication with a third party app.

At this time Google has yet to offer a timeline as to when this may be fixed, but it is looking like this will all be fixable with an update. The catch is, we hope that Google is able to isolate the issue and get that update rolled out sooner rather than later.

VIA: GSM Arena, Android Police

SOURCE: Google


  1. The new Nexus 7? The latest Android update? A little more info would be nice. I have yet to upgrade to the latest Android version for this exact reason, going to let others deal with the bugs first.

      • When I buy a car, I expect it to run smoothly, not wait for the manufacturer to fix it before it can run right. Don’t defend the company from doing the wrong thing. Hardware specs are wonderful, but problems are even bigger. Quality Control issue, people.

  2. Typical new product/new software issues and especially New Asus product issues. I suspect they will be sorted out over the next few months. This is the reason why I make it a point not to buy a new device for a few months after it is released. Let these sort of things get sorted out. That said, I did test drive the new N7 and compared it side by side with my old N7 and the new one is pretty freaking awesome. Its basically everything you liked about the original (which is still awesome BTW), only lighter, thinner, narrower, clearer, smoother and faster. It really is a real pleasure to use.

    • I suspect it has something to do with a 1st batch or early batch delivered early to retailers like best buy or staples. However based on commenters around the web, it appears those who ordered directly from Google play have had no issues so far.

      • I actually ordered directly from el Goog and my new N7 2 was defective. FAIL… However, they will be shipping me a replacement.

  3. I might be one of the lucky ones but my Nexus 7 (2013) has given me no issues after almost two weeks. So these issues are not global.

      • I tried using mine on a flat table, not plugged in without a case, and it works fine with no issues, and mine was shipped the very 1st day it was available from the google play store, so I know this is not a global issue. it works the same way flat on a table as it does in my hand.

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  4. I’ve been using Amazon Kindle to purchase and read. I can’t get my Kindle Books to open! “Unfortunately Amazon Kindle has stopped”! Would this be a Nexus problem or Amazon problem? Help!?!?!?!


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