Google Play Store now shipping Nexus 7, all should ship within 3 days

July 13, 2012

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Good news folks. We have just been notified that all Google Play Store Nexus 7 pre-orders are shipping now!!! No need to get out the pitchforks because Gamestop didn't follow the rules. Google has confirmed that pre-orders for their brand new tablet are shipping to all starting today. For more information the phone number and details are after the break.

Google has a phone support line -- I'm not sure too many people actually know this. The Play Store has one as well and a few users have just tipped us off (after getting angry that Gamestop was already selling tablets) that the Play Store customer support line's automated number has also confirmed this news. The Nexus 7 tablet is shipping right now from the Play Store, and all current orders should be shipped within 3 business days.

The support line now has an automated recording confirming the details and you can hear the glorious news yourself if you'd like. Start by calling 1-855-83-NEXUS (63987). They specifically mention 3 business days. So that means some could possibly be waiting til Tuesday before they even ship, but at least we all now have a firm date to look forward to.

Update: Google has confirmed the devices are shipping now with a post over on Google+.

Let us know if/when your order ships by dropping us a comment below!

-- Thanks Stev1, and Tim!

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  • Manojkumar Muralidharan

    Please boycott the word `Pre-Order` from here on ! I can’t take it anymore, always look for GameStop or Staples to get things First !!

    • Will never give money to Gamestop again….

    • Someone has no patience and needs to grow up a little.

      • Gill

        Go fuck yourself.

      • Kev50027

        On top of being immature, you’re impatient and childish. Way to go. You told us more about yourself in 3 words than we ever wanted to know.

    • Albert Lopez

      actually look to sams club. they actually sold them in the stores on friday

  • JonJJon

    So I assume this is purely for US pre-orders and not UK Play Store pre-orders, not gonna call that number from a UK mobile lol

  • Wooo hoo just got my shipment notice. i pre-ordered this about 10 mins after the conference was over. So looks like you will be getting your tablets soon

    • Lee

      damn, i preorderd while they were still presenting the Nexus 7. still no shipment for me.

      • ck99

        Seems now even those who pre-ordered (I ordered mine on June 28) will not see them for awhile as the automated msg on Google’s customer service line no longer says all pre-orders will ship in 3 days. While I am not real frantic about this since they haven’t charged me, I wonder how many of those GOOGLE pre-orders could have been filled had they honored those first rather than sell pallet loads of N7s to their retail partners. Trust and faith is a boon to a business and as a Mac person trying their first Android device, I honestly would rather vote with my dollars to a company that appreciates its bread and butter,…it’s customers as Apple does than go through this nonsense again. Sorry Google but you lost a real opportunity to shine with what looks to be a great product.

      • Kev50027

        I followed your reasoning right until you said Apple was better. They constantly blame their customers for problems, like when Jobs said “You’re holding it wrong”. They routinely lie to customers, saying they will never make a color iPod, that Facetime is an open standard, that all phones have the iPhone 4 signal drop issue, etc. My experience working for Apple confirmed this. The employees there are not fond of the customers. Even before working at Apple I noticed the customer service I got at Apple was awful. In addition to that, they totally botched the iPhone 4 launch, the device itself had serious problems, and their response was “return it if you don’t like it”. Apple has the temperament of a 10 year old boy, suing competitors who actually innovate while “borrowing” competitors ideas.

        At least Google does some honest to goodness innovation. Self driving cars, project glass, Android, Street View, etc are all things that would never happen at Apple, they’re a marketing company.

      • Guest

        You might tone down your Google fanboy attitude.

      • Kev50027

        Sorry, but it was directed at ck99. The reactions some people have for having to wait a few extra days for a tablet are insane. Some are going as far as promising to boycott all Google products. I find it interesting since when Apple screwed up every way with the iPhone 4, I didn’t hear many Apple fans jumping ship. Somehow people manage to ignore all of the fallacies of Apple, while focusing on those of Google. In the media the bias is very prevalent, since many in the media only use Macs and know next to nothing about Android, Windows, or technology in general.

        Mainstream media is also generally liberal, so it’s obvious why they’re clueless about just about anything.

      • I have been charged, yesterday. Ordered June 27th within first hour.

        I am getting concerned my order got screwed up. No one will respond to emails I’ve sent, and Google has removed the phone number information.

  • Spencer Rhodes

    If it’s true that Gamestop jumped the gun without Google’s authority, then I hope Google does not let them off the hook and no longer sells products through them.

    Sure, I wish I could have gotten it today at Gamestop, but honestly, waiting an extra 3-5 days really isn’t a big deal. I’m certainly not justifying the mishap here that is pre-ordering through Google, paying shipping, and getting it a week later instead. However, I think we can all agree that in a couple weeks, no one will care about this because we’ll be too busy playing with our new tablet.

  • Peaty

    Last night 7/13/12 my status changed from ordered to shipped and I got a tracking number:

    Thank you.Great news! Your order on Google Play has shipped. Track the status of your package UPS #1ZXXXXXXXXX. Note that it may take 24 hours for your tracking number to return any information.
    Order number: 1XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Order date: Jun 28, 2012 7:16 PM CDT
    Payment method:XXXXXXXXXX

  • Tox

    They should have shipped to the customers that preordered before shipping to stores

  • Stan Davis

    I don’t mind waiting a few days…. as long as it’s a good tablet….

    • Thank you! Someone that can see the big picture and not the next 5 minutes of not having their precious toy!!!

  • mrcando

    I ordered my Nexus 7 16gb on June 27th, 2012 and I haven’t heard a thing yet. Google your not scoring any happy points with me. Next time it comes time to order something, you absolutely showed me where not to go. Thank you!!!!

  • Ordered the 27th, day of the Nexus 7 announcement.

    No email, no charge. It shows in Google Wallet, but I haven’t a clue if Google lost the order, They won’t respond to an inquiry.

    Yet there are people who actually ordered last week who have received shipping email.

    Talk about lousy customer service and poor handling.

    Yeah, go read the comments on the Google+ post–you’ll see how many people are not happy with Google.

    • Kev50027

      I heard some people never got a shipping notice but received their tablet, or received it before they got the shipping notice, but I don’t want to get your hopes up.

      • It’s impossible to find out, since Google Play and Wallet are so primitive.

        It only shows my initial status update from June 27th. It doesn’t even show that they charged my account yesterday. You can’t get through to anyone to ask.

        Poorly done.

  • brian

    Ordered 16gb on July 4th, hasn’t shipped – Ordered 8gb on July 12th, it shipped Friday! Hoping my 16gb isn’t backordered….

  • DL

    Ordered on the 28th. Will arrive Tuesday. This blows though as I could have just gone to gamestop yesterday to pick one up and avoided the shipping charge. Yes, I get $25.00, but had to pay $21 to get it. Epic FAIL Google.

  • uzib

    Ordered 16gb one on 28th… No ship confirmation so far 🙁

  • Tomorrow

    My tablet will be arriving tomorrow. 🙂

  • John Jiang

    Received my order today, but the package has been opened and repackaged. There are three layers of sealing tape on the outer box. When I tear the outer most layer, I found that the inner two layers of the sealing tape had been cut. And, when I open the box, the plastic sealing layer that supposed to protect the tablet had been wrinkled and was very loose. And, the plastic bags that contain the cable and power supply was badly folded and wrinkled. A clear sign that the tablet had been used, and then, repackaged. Very disappointed with my first Google Play purchase experience.

  • Jon

    You might want to update that the website now shows that “most” orders will be filled by today.


  • tacoandbeef

    should stores be having them in stock long enough for me to buy in about 10-15 days from today?