Earlier this month we reported on a few issues plaguing the new Google Nexus 7 tablet. The biggest issue is some users have been reporting screen glitches with multitouch. Pinch to zoom on maps, double taps on buttons when typing, and things of that nature. And now we’re hearing Google’s latest fix for said issue, could have actually made it worse for some.

Within the first few weeks of launching the problem was mentioned and Google even confirmed they were looking into a fix. Then early last week Google issued an updated Android 4.3 build JSS15Q for the Nexus 7, and confirmed it would fix the multitouch issue. Sadly, the story goes both ways.

Some users and comments have confirmed the update indeed fixed their issues, but we’re also hearing it made it significantly worse for some. In even more depressing news, some that didn’t have the touchscreen issues, are now reporting that this update has caused their Nexus 7 screen to go wonky.


From ghost touches, bad detection of touch or direction while sliding, and other calibration issues. Today the folks over at AndroidPolice have unearthed that this is still an ongoing issue, and that once again Google has recognized the problem and are looking into the matter. For now we’re not sure if the Nexus 7 issue can completely be fixed, but they’re taking a close look at it.

So let us know. Does your Nexus 7 have screen issues, and if so did the update solve any problems?

VIA: AndroidPolice