We recently learned the Nexus 7 LTE would be heading to Japan in mid-September and as of today it looks like a date has been announced for those in the UK. The UK details come by way of O2 who have revealed a release date as well as the price. Without any further adieu, O2 expects to have the Nexus 7 LTE (4G) available on September 13.

The price is set at £319.99, which is a bit higher than may have been expected. Google originally said the US pricing for the LTE compatible Nexus 7 would be $349 and as we see, the UK price would be just shy of $500 in terms of US dollars. The tablet will be available for pre-order beginning on Thursday August 29th.

O2 also mentioned the 4G version would be exclusive to them “at launch” and that they are offering a free case for those who pre-order the tablet. They have yet to share the details on the case and have instead referred to it as a “free premium case worth £29.99.”

Touching back on the exclusivity, the tablet should work with other carriers, however it seems it will only be available through O2. Aside from the 4G LTE model, O2 has also said the WiFi only model would be available soon. From the looks of it, they will only have the 32GB Nexus 7 model available. That one will arrive priced at £249.99.

Between the Nexus 7 LTE news coming out of Japan and now out of the UK it looks like Google is gearing up for a global release fairly soon. We have yet to see anything for those in the US, but it is looking like that release will happen by mid-September at the latest.




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