When Google revealed that their impressive new Nexus 7 tablet would come in a 4G LTE model with 32GB of storage for only $349 many were excited, and have been desperately waiting for a release date. Currently a WiFi only model is available, but now we’re hearing the LTE flavored slate will hit Japan in a few weeks, slated to arrive in mid September.

Today Google announced the LTE Nexus 7 would come to Japan, and they even gave a mid September time frame according to the Blog of Mobile. The 7-inch full HD slate is impressive, and all I want is a Verizon model to be in my hands already.

The tablet has been available all month long, but since being announced back at the tail end of July when Google claimed an LTE version would be “coming soon” we haven’t heard a word regarding the LTE flavor. If Google’s planning to release a LTE-equipped model in Japan in mid September, we should be hearing a US release date any day now.


Earlier this month a 32GB 4G LTE Nexus 7 was spotted in China, where one lucky user claimed he bought the WiFi and received an LTE edition, but for now that remains a mystery. All we know is it has cleared the FCC, has been spotted in China earlier this month, and now has a release date. Hopefully that AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon (all in one device) Nexus hits the US soon.

We’ll update the minute we learn anything official from Google. Who’s waiting for the LTE model before buying? I know I am.