Talk of the next Nexus 7 appears to be once again heating up. We have seen some recent chatter surrounding the specs and as of today it looks like that is being continued. This latest round comes by way of a report from the Economic Daily out of Taiwan. This report has touched on the specs and has also been referring to the yet-to-be-unveiled tablet as the “new Nexus 7.”

Whether this is the route Google will choose with the name remains to be seen, however it will not be the first time we have seen the term ‘new’ proceed a tablet name. Perhaps more important here, this same report suggests Google and ASUS will have the tablet available by the end of July. Of course, while unconfirmed, that July launch time should sound familiar to those who have been following along.

The latest talk of the specs brings mention of an LCD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 along with a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) processor. This new Nexus 7 is also expected to include LTE support. Some of the other specs look to include a 3,950 mAh battery, 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera, 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, 2GB of RAM and storage options of 16GB and 32GB.

The specs mentioned here do differ a bit from what was said to have come from an ASUS support rep. Those details were published a short time back and mentioned the tablet as having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and 4,000 mAh battery. That said, we do have to remember that none of this has been confirmed and should all be considered rumor at this point in time.

One bit we likely can count on though — the LTE and the 5 megapixel rear-facing camera. Those two items were mentioned in a recent FCC filing.

A Bluetooth SIG spotting also showed a tablet K008, believed to be a Nexus 7 as running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Finally, this same Economic Daily report pegged the price of an LTE equipped 16GB Nexus 7 at $229. Well, specifically they listed the price at 22,580 yen, which translates to roughly $229 in terms of US dollars. Anyway, time will tell how this all plays out, but in the meantime — it looks like these “new Nexus 7” rumors will continue right up until the official announcement.

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  1. Nice. Nexus 7 2 looks to be another game changer. This along with other well priced android phones will be hard to beat.

      • Just about. I definitely think that we should have a good amount of local storage but internal storage is just fine for me. That combined with cloud storage is the best.

      • Yes, no sd slot is fine as long as there is enough on board memory. 8gb is definitely not enough. 16gb is barely enough. 32gb is a good number for a combination of apps, music, pictures, and movies (just to store what you need to use on the road, i don’t mean to store the entire media library! In that case, it will never be enough). They should make the 64gb available and affordable! As long as the screen resolution and movies are not going to be like 16,000 x 9,000…anything between 32gb and 64gb should be fine for now. I think nowadays a hd movie rip is about 4gb? A mp3 song at 320kbps is about 8 to 10 mb? A popular game like angry bird is about 25mb? so you do the math.

      • You guys do realize you BOTH can be right? Right? It is not a wrong or right issue. Having an SD card slot has its place as does not having one. As with all technology if your first question isn’t “What are you using it for?” then your missing the whole point. Need will always win over want. Besides, the Nexus 7 “current model” with an OTG cable reads SD cards just fine.

      • I have to disagree on being yesterday’s technology. While using SD may itself be yesterdays tech because we really do want better access times and throughput, being able to upgrade your computer never goes obsolete. These things are just computers and I don’t like how the new thing is limited storage. I honestly wish we had ram upgrade options as well, a lot of phones and tablets that have 1GB of ram would run alot better with 2GB.

      • It’ll be a while before we go UD (4k,) so it would be good to save that lovely 1080p screen, android TV dongles are $100 high end, if only we could socket the SOC, RAM, Flash, LTE Advanced, in a cassette.

      • FFS. Not everyone has access to the internet everywhere they go. Nor do they want to spend $50+ dollars a month on a messily 5gb data plan considering they’re buying one of the cheapest tablets on the market. I have more than 30 gigs of music. I also like to stick an entire series of shows and various movies on my portable devices so I have something to watch IF the power goes out or if I’m away from home. Until you can shove half a terabyte inside a tablet don’t talk to me about memory cards being obsolete.

      • Here’s the thing, 30gb of music is roughly 9 days of listening straight. Why on earth do you need that music on there? I have 32gb of storage on my phone and never run out of space. I’ve got all the relevant music I could ever want. I can store multiple seasons of whatever show I want. I even keep backups of my ROM in case I need to go back. Point being, your usage case is quite excessive. Don’t expect the standards of technology to change or not change for your non practical usages scenarios.

      • That’s just it, I don’t want it on “there”. I want it on a CARD. Why on earth would I not throw nearly 30 gigs on a 32 gig card just to have ready for whatever music I’m in the mood for? I can connect it to any stereo receiver in the house and have my entire collection on hand.
        Any season of a show like “Justified” is 14 gigs for 720p. Again, why would the manufacture NOT spend an extra $1 to $3 dollars to include a card reader so they can be that much more competitive? Because google thinks they can “sell” additional services to people that are buying the cheapest damn tablet they can. That’s just stupid. Why have a 1920 x 1200 screen when a 1920×1080 movie is 8 gigs? These aren’t non practical scenarios.

      • You almost sound like a spoiled child when you say this. I want all my stuff ready “just in case” I want it. When did moderation leave peoples attitudes? Do you buy a case of beer, just in case you want to drink 30 beers or so you don’t have to go to the store in the rain? Do you buy cases of food and water, just in case of a power outage? Jeez, you really need that many movies and music to keep you entertained for an hour. Pick up a book or something. I know it’s really old fashioned and all, but hey it worked for many a generation just fine.
        There’s no other way to store media, really? When playing music, how many times do you skip a song in that 30GBs? Do you like every episode of every TV show so much, that you want to watch ALL of them again? How about practicing a little self control for once in your life. I hate skipping songs, so I only save what I really, really like. You know, using moderation and self control.
        To those who insist that they have the right to horde every single, movie, TV show that they have and hate Google for denying them, I say, there are alternatives out there. There’s a Kickstarter project for a micro SD reader that’s the size of a dime. Beating this dead horse just makes you look like an impetuous child. Adults look at what they want and try to solve the problem, not throw temper tantrums when someone doesn’t give you what you want. An inexpensive table with updates from Google is what a Nexus gives you. How you respond to what Google WILL NOT give you is on you.

      • 1. Yes I stock food and water. When a tree touched a power line in Ohio I and much of the north east was without power for a week. What is your freak’n point? I don’t even drink, what does beer have to do with anything?

        2. It doesn’t matter how many times I skip songs. I’m not a little kid that can listen to the same 3 songs over and over. I’m not going to plug it in and pull the music I want to listen to be if I’m 100 miles or 40 feet from my desktop.

        3. I don’t watch the same shows over and over you mindless twit. I’ll stick a season of something I never watched and I’ll watch it when I have free time. I figured a tablet would make my FREE TIME that much more CONVENIENT. But NO, google and you think they know the market better when I know I’m not the only one asking for a SIMPLE SD card reader.

        4. If you don’t like me talking about it why make a big wall of text (that I stopped reading 2/3rds through)? Apparently you think I wouldn’t respond or that would somehow shut me up.

      • I suppose I could have posted 3 individual paragraphs, but that seemed weird. I expressed an opinion about my view on people who need 50GB of media to keep them entertained, every moment of every day. I like how you stopped reading 2/3 in because either you got bored or you didn’t like what was posted. Bottom line. SD cards aren’t gonna happen. I’ve read numerous threads since the original 7 came out bemoaning the SD card issue and yet Google hasn’t changed their stance. From what I understand, they are never going to change their stance. They why’s behind this are not too important but complaining about something that Will Not Happen seems pointless. You are free to express your opinion,as am I. Good day.

      • “because either you got bored or you didn’t like what was posted.”
        No, because I’m not going to waste every minute of my life listening to some douche that likes to hear himself talk about stuff he has no grasp of condescend me on the internet. We are consumers and as consumers companies should be listening to what their customers want instead of blindly marketing crap.

      • Look I already have a USB to micro USB adapter cable, but how do I get Google to load it with movies ?!! I have a fast 120 GB SSD flash, they only cost less than a hundred dollars retail, yes I’d like an adapter that’s direct micro SD card to micro SD, I love watching a high def movie on the train. Why wouldn’t we want big games with that 1080p screen, 2GB RAM and GPU cores power, podcasts, high graphics magazines etc..

      • I think it’s more like 6 GB, but yeah, if I can buy a 32 GB micro SD card for $20, and in a while 64 GB, why not, my $50 android HDMI TV dongle, has a micro SD card slot.

  2. Been waiting for a 1080P Tab for a while and I’d rather get a Nexus, but No SD Slot… No Buy!!!
    If Google still thinks I’m too stupid to know how to use an SD Card then I’ll just wait for the first Tegra4 since all Tegra4s will have Integrated Stylus.

  3. Can they stop with 16GB already? 32GB should be the min, then bump it up to 128 or 256 gb. If they want tablets to replace laptops than match the storage. I love to play games on my tablet but i’m running out of storage. Considering now games take up a lot of storage.

    Not everyone wants their stuff to be stored on a “cloud” that requires data connection everywhere you go. Plus considering that after a while you have to pay a monthly fee of limited cloud storage.

    I still backup all my 60+gb of music on my external hard drive, with my ps3 game data, photos, and tons of videos and movies I have.

    I have an SD card on my S4, it’s awesome to have! When I upgraded from my S2 all my pictures and videos were on my SD card with contacts. I didn’t lose anything and it was sooo easy.

    I didn’t have to waste time downloading the S2 pics from some cloud service like Dropbox and transfer them to my S4. Simplicity is better.


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