It seems the Nexus 7 2 leaks are beginning to pick up in pace. Earlier this morning we saw a bit of talk about the specs and now it is looking like the release date has been revealed. We should point out that this has yet to be confirmed by Google or the retailer, in this case Staples, however it does show some dates that are starting to line up. This recent Staples leak points towards two dates.

The first of those dates is July 24th, which just so happens to be the same date Google is having their next event. The details coming from the Staples leak isn’t suggesting that is when the tablet will be available though. Instead the leak mentions how the “NEW Nexus 7” inventory may be arriving as early as July 24th. The release date is actually set for a week later — on July 31st.


Further details from this leak go on to talk about how the tablet will be displayed and about how any inventory that arrives before July 31st will need to be “kept in lockup.” There was however mention of a demo unit arriving on July 26th. While this wouldn’t give us any chance to play, that demo unit would at least be a way to confirm whether these recent Nexus 7 2 image leaks were the real deal.

Otherwise, there was mention of how the new Nexus tablet will have “superior specs all the way around with some other new exciting features we can’t talk about yet.” Sounds intriguing, but it also seems like we have already seen quite a bit of those specs already leak.

The details from earlier today mentioned specs to include Android 4.3 along with a 7-inch display, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 32GB of internal storage, 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera, 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, wireless charging and a Slim Port that will allow for 1080p HD video out. If nothing else, we suspect this news will be enough to convince some to start pestering their local Staples on the 24th in hopes of getting a device a bit ahead of schedule.

VIA: Engadget